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We're here to help you every step of the way, click the Help icons if you need help using the journey planner or click here to read our user guide.

Enter the place or point you intend to leave from in the top box and the Departure Board will appear at the bottom to show the next buses.
Enter your destination in the box below and your journey will be calculated for you.
The previously selected options below the main "from" and "to" boxes allow you to chose from previous journeys you've made. Click the + symbol to reveal these and click to select this point or place.
To customize your journey, use the arrows to specify the date and time you want to depart or arrive.
Date & Time
at : on laterearlier

Selecting departure and arrival points from previous journeys allows you to recalculate journeys with up to date travel information.
Here you can choose the travel options that suit you best. Simply select and click on the boxes for means of travel, speed, available routes and accessibility, or enter the time you would allow to walk to alternative stops, and places you want visit along the way.
Choose your means of transport:
Walking speed:

Authority services:
mins max walk time (up to 60 mins)
Route options:

Travelling Via:

Distance Unit:

The interactive map shows your selected journey. Using the slider and arrows on the top left hand side enables you to zoom in or out, and shift the area of focus. To enlarge the map in a new window, simply click the arrow in the bottom left hand side.
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Zoom map
Map controls
Pan - click, hold and drag
Zoom - scroll mouse wheel
Select Location - right click
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Clicking on the link enables you to search for specific Merseytravel bus timetables.
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Here you can find the latest information on changes and disruptions to the transport network that may affect your journey
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Here you can find the Merseytravel ticket product that's right for you
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This section provides information about recreational and leisure destinations across Merseyside, in addition to listing upcoming events, promotions for major attractions and key dates for the diary.
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Click here to send us any feedback on the journey planner.
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